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Signature Adventure Tour:

Take your holiday to the next level with our Signature Adventure Tour!

Our Signature Adventure Tour offers an incredible 11-day odyssey that takes travelers on a journey through Guatemala’s stunning highlands and lowlands.

You’ll enjoy creative activities and get the opportunity to stay at some of the most remarkable properties in extraordinary destinations.

Our knowledgeable guides have extensive experience in fieldwork.

They are committed to providing first-class service throughout your trip and sharing their intimate knowledge of Guatemala’s culture and nature.

Embark on an unbeatable adventure today!

  • Destination: Guatemala
  • Duration: 11 Days 10 Nights
  • Group Size: Minimum 2
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Comfort Level: Luxury

Guatemala Prime Holiday

Experience a new perspective of the world as you brave thrilling activities, meet incredible people, and discover fascinating cultures



Day 1: Arrival – Antigua Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala City, where your journey starts!

Meet and greet the Martsam Travel team at La Aurora International Airport before transferring to the picturesque city of Antigua Guatemala.

You will stay for three nights in a boutique hotel. Enjoy your time in this historic city and all it offers.

Day 2: Antigua Guatemala Art & Cultural Walking Tour

Start your day off with a delicious morning meal before embarking on an Antigua Guatemala Art & Cultural Walking Tour!

Visit fine art galleries to experience the works of Latin American recognized and rising artists.

Then, stop at a famous local restaurant to savor our unique cuisine and recipes from Mayan roots.

Continue your cultural adventure through the cobbled avenues as you explore churches, plazas, and markets.

Famous buildings built with European and local art influences flourished during colonial times before finally returning to your hotel in Antigua, Guatemala.

Day 3: Leisure In Antigua Guatemala

Visiting Antigua Guatemala is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the city’s countless sights.

Whether you prefer quiet leisure activities like sightseeing or more active pursuits such as shopping or nightlife, our specialists are on hand to provide tips and advice to help you make the most of your stay in this Colonial city.

Day 4: Antigua Guatemala – Iximche – Maya Ritual

Start your day with a journey to Iximche, a Precolumbian archaeological site located in the western highlands of Guatemala.

This ancient Maya city was the capital of the Kaqchikel kingdom during the postclassic period.

It featured multiple pyramid temples, palaces, plazas, and two ballcourts.

Participate in rituals and ceremonies still celebrated in this sacred place to discover an essential part of their cosmology.

Then take in breathtaking views of Lake Atitlan while traveling to your hotel on its eastern slopes in Santa Catarina Palopó.

Enjoy unforgettable vistas of both the lake and its surrounding volcanoes from here!

Day 5: Atitlan Cultural Adventure

Join us today on the Atitlan Cultural Tour to explore the beautiful villages of San Marcos and San Pablo La Laguna.

This unforgettable journey begins with a boat ride to Tzununa village, where you will be given a helmet, gloves, and mountain bike.

On your biking adventure across the plantation trails of corn, tomatoes, onions, and coffee, you will have an opportunity to take in the stunning views!

Afterward, visit the T’zutujil women’s cooperative for insight into their traditional method of backstrap weaving and view the unique designs created from natural dyes derived from plants and insects.

Next is a short walk to board your boat again towards Santiago Atitlan for lunch.

After lunch, uncover the village by taking a walk around St James Church and visiting the altar of Maximon

Then head to artisan street for some souvenir shopping before heading back to your hotel as you admire Lake Atitlan’s beautiful landscape!

Day 6: Chichicastenango Market Tour

Embark on a cultural tour to the vibrant Chichicastenango market in Guatemala.

Get ready to explore the Mayan community and discover their colorful customs, crafted artifacts, and traditional clothing.

Start your journey at the entrance of the Cathedral of Santo Tomas. In this place, the Catholic religion and Mayan beliefs meet in harmony.

Then move onto the bustling marketplace and shop for beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs.

Finally, visit the vegetable market where local traders come together to trade produce, offering a colorful picture perfect for capturing memories!

Afterward, indulge in lunch at the Maya family’s home before exploring one of the most vibrant cemeteries on the planet, as declared by National Geographic.

Wrap up your tour with a visit to Pascual Abaj, an ancient hill used for local celebrations and rituals.

Finally, you will return to your hotel in Lake Atitlan after an enriching adventure.

Day 7: Atitlan At Leisure

Are you feeling undisturbed and in no rush?

Today is the day you can experience what At Leisure offers.

Take full advantage of your villa’s recreational activities, kayaking on the lake in the morning light, learning an old traditional cuisine recipe, or visiting the quaint village of Panajachel.

For more leisurely experiences, take a moment to sit down and enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Atitlan with your favorite cocktail before departing to the Maya lowlands.

Day 8: Guatemala Helicopter Adventure

Ready for a Helicopter Adventure? Get ready to enjoy amazing views of Lake Atitlan and the Maya Lowlands!

Today you will embark on an exciting journey, taking off from Lake Atitlan and continuing to Guatemala City for a quick technical stop.

After this brief interlude, you will make your way to one of the Luxury Properties within the Maya Lowlands.

Once there, you have time to explore its exclusive accommodation options.

If you are adventurous, take a 45-minute trip to the island of Flores in the province of Peten.

There is also the possibility of visiting Yaxha.

Here you can climb to the top of the ancient Mayan pyramid of the Yaxha archaeological site for a stunning sunset, with many animals thriving in the nearby forests.

Day 9: El Mirador Helicopter Expedition

Experience El Mirador – the ancient Mayan site deep in the tropical rainforest – on a thrilling helicopter tour!

Our 45-minute flight takes you through the lush landscape, where you can explore the ruins of one of the most powerful cities of the pre-classical period.

Our expert guide will help you navigate your way up some pyramids and learn about Mayan civilization as you explore.

At the end of this archaeological journey, you’ll board a chopper for a flight back to your hotel.

Day 10: Tikal Archaeology & Nature Tour – Guatemala City

Begin your Tikal Tour by boarding our vehicle for the 1-hour drive to the Mayan capital of Tikal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once there, you’ll embark on a guided nature and archaeological tour through causeways and trails beneath a millenial forest.

Keep an eye out for neotropical fauna such as howler monkeys and colorful birds! Also, explore ancient limestone buildings, including temples as tall as 230ft, palaces, residences, and steleas.

Climb some of the temples for breathtaking views that will leave lasting memories.

Learn about this civilization’s unique architecture and calendar while discovering their astronomic discoveries and using zero as the absence of value.

After enjoying lunch in the area, head to Mundo Maya Airport to board a 45-minute flight back to Guatemala City.

Upon arrival, you will be transported to your hotel for a one-night stay.

Day 11: Back Home

Transfer to La Aurora International Airport in time to take your flight back home.


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